How can I contribute?

Nice project !
How can one contribute to it ?

Substra is a collaborative initiative and we’d like to foster contributions from motivated individuals and interested organizations. Federating a vibrant community is a thrilling objective.

We are currently working on a contributing guide, discussion channels (Slack / Discourse, etc. Our objective is to be ready by Fall 2019 and the open source release.

Contributions to the initiative and being part of the community is not only about software engineering. Enthusiasts wishing to participe in other ways (dissemination and communication efforts, local events / meetups, research studies…) are welcome! If you already have an interest, an idea, or just some comments, we’d be really glad to hear them. Please contact us at or via your preferred channel.

You can find all the information on our website

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A link to the ‘How to contribute?’ page on the website would be handy here!

Hello Eric !

Thanks for your comment ! I have added the link !